Serengeti, a respected and globally distributed brand, is uniquely able to combine the most advanced eyewear technologies, which have been achieved through over 140 years of research and development, American culture and the best sense of aesthetics, design and creativity.

With these decades of experience, Serengeti® is justifiably regarded as the most innovative and creative premium eyewear brand in the world. 

As a market leading brand, we aim to constantly challenge ourselves. Serengeti® was born to innovate and redefine market standards.

Our vision is to enable you to experience the world at its most inspiring.

To achieve this, we design, create and craft our eyewear collection with passion and meticulousness. We strive for perfection in every piece of eyewear. The devil is in the details and this is where Serengeti® distinguishes itself. 

Approximation is not an option. 

Serengeti® is totally authentic, and inspires confidence.

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